Recruiting the Next Generation of Bakugan Brawlers


rEv YOUTH answered the “Call to Brawl” with a head-turning, dynasty-affirming, hexagon-heavy relaunch of Bakugan. Bringing back this globally beloved toy, game and entertainment property required a larger-than-life battle royale experience that gave fans old and new the chance to collect, transform and battle their favorite Bakugan monsters.

rEv YOUTH teamed up with a few of Spin Master’s partner agencies for a wow-worthy campaign that showed off the brand’s upgraded collectability and playability and grew its passionate fan base. Throughout the year, Bakugan stopped by national comic and anime conventions as well as movie theaters, GameStop and Walmart locations across the country, inviting influencers, media and passersby to literally walk into the world of Bakugan to learn, try, buy, create, share and “Brawl With Them All!” on their journey deeper and deeper into the Battle Planet.

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“Connecting with nostalgic Bakugan fans while introducing new kids to the brand was an exciting PR exercise that helped remind toy and anime enthusiasts that Bakugan is back and better than ever.”

Kevin Loughery
Supervisor, PR


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